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Welcome to Kids-Stuff!

Hello . . . We’re Tom and Shirley Criswell from Grants Pass, Oregon and recently we’ve embarked on a new adventure. We are serving on the Board of Directors of Impact-KIDS (Kids In Dire Situations), a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Aid and Relief NGO as well as Co-Directors of Kids-Stuff, a new Division of Impact-KIDS. Its purpose: To offer support for the kids of this world . . . to help feed them and clothe them; to provide shelter and medical needs and help educate the millions and millions born into poverty and hopelessness.

We work with individual Churches and help establish a Kids-Stuff Ministry . . . a unique and exciting new approach to enhance funding YOUR missionaries in the field of YOUR church. We do this at no charge . . . the funds raised are for the kids your own Church supports through your missions/outreach program.

Kids-Stuff started officially in Dec of 2003. In June, 2004 Shirley and I and a team from River Valley Community Church in Grants Pass traveled to Tanzania, Africa to begin a Dormitory for 50 girls. This project was funded in less than 2 months and not a single check was written by a congregation member. It was funded literally with “stuff” . . . stuff for kids. The trip exceeded our wildest expectations .....we ministered to hundreds and hundreds of the Rangi people in 3 separate villages, witnessed God speak to these Muslim people having never heard the Gospel of Christ, and watched God perform ACTUAL miracles of healing of adult and children in attendance. This greatly blessed our team. As a Church, we have been invited to "partner" with the city of Pahi in addressing some of the many inadequate educational, medical, and economic situations they endure. All of this . . . in addition to being involved in the construction of the Dormitory which will keep 50 young girls safe from sexual predators while they attend school (grades 8 thru 12). We sensed as a team "if we showed up, GOD would show off". He certainly did that! ALL of this because many here in our home town of Grants Pass were willing share some of their "stuff" with the impacted children of the world.

God has richly blessed our lives, and so we do this as our “second career”; let us come and show you how to make a huge impact on suffering children world-wide, and significantly enhance your churches missions program.

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